Like many, we partner with French Charity l'auberge des Migrants who run the biggest volunteer programme for Calais and Dunkirk. Upon arrival at l'auberge everyone will be assigned shifts in the warehouse, whether its sorting goods, distributing good wishing the camps, cooking food, building shelters and under the right circumstances there may be other tasks within the camp that are required. l'auberge are ALWAYS in need of volunteers, If you would like to join our next convoy we'd love to hear from you. 

Sign up for our next convoy here:

However, if our dates don't work for you but you still want to get involved, l'auberge are ALWAYS in need of volunteers. To sign up as an independent volunteer email: 


While we do not take funds directly you can still donate. Below are just a few of the many great causes worth donating to: 

  • You can help provide the build warehouse at l'auberge with the materials there need to  develop and improvement shelters. Your money can help buy materials such as wood, tarp, insulation, air vents, padlocks, tools and screws.


Not all goods donated are going to the refugees in Calais. We are doing our best to help wherever help is needed. Please see our "latest needs" page to see what is needed and where it is needed.

All goods tend to be collected at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canterbury, Forty Acres Rd, CT2 7HJ, however can also be dropped of at your local meetinghouse. You can search for your local meetinghouse here.

If you would like to take donations directly to the warehouse in Calais, you can email at least one week before you plan to set off. 


Calais Kitchens and refugee Community Kitchens operate from the l'auberge warehouse. They supply hot meals and food packs for 6000 refugees a day in both Calais and Dunkirk. Every week they use 2000 kilos of rice, 6000 tins of fish, 5,760 tins of tomatoes and 2880 tins of chickpeas. More supplies are urgently needed. 

As previously mentioned donating funds can go towards cheaper bulk buying. This can be done on the  following site:

If you wish to purchase and donate food yourself, consider filling a basket with items from the following list. These likewise can be dropped of at your local meeting house, or brought directly to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canterbury, Forty Acres Rd, CT2 7HJ. Items delivered here will be sent regularly to the kitchens in calais.

Urgently needed foods include:

  • Tinned fish (tuna, sardines, mackerel) - ring pull only
  • Tinned goods (tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans, veg) - ring pull only
  • Tinned fruit and veg
  • Oil
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • UHT milk
  • Water

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